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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  September 8, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday, september 8th. tam is off. erin o'hearn joins us and we are following several developing stories. >> gunfire erupts after a bar fight spills into a philadelphia street. now police are investigating a double shooting. >> fire crews in burlington county are battling a raging forest fire and chopper six is on the way. >> and ready or not, a sure sign summer is unofficially over, it's time to head back to school. we're live with the details. >> first up, weather and traffic with david and karen. >> pretty comfortable out here on the terrace right now but on the other hand the sun isn't up yet. once the sun gets over the horizon and we start moving around a little bit you'll feel that humidity. we'll start you with satellite and there will be plenty of sun up over the horizon as we have very little cloud cover in place. that frontal boundary off to the north not a hindrance to us today. and you can see that flow of air coming up from the south continuing to warm us up. 73 degrees right now in philadelphia. 68 in wilmington. still a bit cooler in allentown and reading.
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that won't last once we get past sunrise. 73 in cape may. and as we check out dewpoints, remember anything over 60 indicates noticeable humidity. it's not bad in places like reading and allentown but that 68 in philadelphia does indicate humid air. and we've got some low 70's oppressive humidity down in dover and cape may. welcome back to school, kids. 73 degrees is your current temperature. we'll probably still be on or about that at 8 o'clock. then at noon 89 and we spend the afternoon in the 90's. 93 by 3 o'clock. your high today is a hot and humid 94. even more humid tomorrow, karen rogers and then we'll be on the lookout for some much needed rain in the seven day. i'll have details coming up. >> all right, dave, we're going to see more of those school buses on the roads. i was looking live here at aramingo avenue at lehigh avenue. a pretty quiet scene but i just saw someone walk by with a backpack on. use a lost caution as you're out there on the roads. watch for the kids, watch for the school buses it's that time of year. it's clear and dry right here so at least no weather related problems impacting you. i got off the phone with police in montgomery county
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and learned more about this accident happening right now on mill creek road at grays lane. they say police happened upon it and looks like a vehicle went down an embankment. there was a rescue to get the person out of a waterway right there. a horrible situation and they have mill creek shut down right now. so, mill creek is shut down at old gulph road and they also have grays lane shut down at laurel lane so they've got two closures in this area in montgomery county. if you're trying get from mill creek to grays lane you can use -- you can go ahead and stick to cherry lane to gypsy to get around the closures as police still expected to be on the scene. they say this accident is not very serious, this one on gravel pike at snyder road. expect that to be clearing shortly. if you're in pennsauken crews on the scene on 130 southbound just before route 90 work this morning water main break and look how busy it is already on 42. northbound traffic people coming back from a long weekend at the shore, people headed to school, we're going see more volume on the roads, matt and erin. >> thank, karen. developing overnight, a barrage of bullets rang out in
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olney. a fight broke out at a bar and spilled out into the streets. a gunman fired several shots hitting a man an woman several times. witnesses say the gunman took off running after the shooting but was quickly apprehended by police. police say the male shooting victim is in critical condition. the woman is in stable condition. >> we continue to follow all the raging forest fires in woodland township, new jersey. chopper six is live now overhead. firefighters say that they were expecting the fire to grow rapidly. you can see the smoke and a few small flames there and they expect it to grow rapidly because the forest floor is so dry with our lack of rain lately. crews lope to contain the fire to 1,000 acres. no homes or structures are in danger. officials are warning residents in surrounding communities they may smell smoke. it is unclear what sparked this fire. >> the cakes should be on the griddle, bacon should be sizzling by now and parents
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should be using crow bars to open the eyes of their children. today is the first day of school for kids in philadelphia. "action news" reporter katherine scott is lie in east falls where she has been helping one family get ready. katherine. >> reporter: matt, this is a family of go getters. now normally we would go up, we would have to rouse people out of bed. not this family. they were up early this morning. we are here with the weeks family in east falls. this is zion, he's sitting here waiting for his mom verna to get breakfast. say, hi, zion and come on in, this is badia. she's the older sister. they have both at carver. definitely get out of the way here. so, zion is starting eighth grade at carver and this is the first year they've added these grades. why did you want to go? >> i wanted to go because i was really into engineering and science and it was something i really wanted to do ever since i was a kid i was into like astrology and computer science, so it was good school for me. >> badia i know you're already
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there. have you given your brother any advice as to starting a new school. >> just to make friends, get in -- well not get in good with the teachers but make sure you meet some teachers who you can trust and rely on during the school year. >> and this is verna, she's busy making an omelette. there is bacon on the stove. matt i know you're jealous. verna, did you have to get them motivated for the school year or what. >> actually did i not. they are self motivated kids as you can see. i told you they got themselves up. both of them are excellent students, straight a students. and i think the first day of school excitement just gets them ready to go. >> reporter: nobody, no last minute nerves, no, you know no, sadness that summer is ending. >> um, i think i had a little bit. >> i d i wasn't quite trod have to get up early every morning. >> reporter: now, what is the breakfast of champions for you badia.
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>> a smoothie. i'm not a big breakfast eater. >> reporter: maybe there will be some left for the rest of us but we'll see you back here in a half hour of course as the weeks family continues to get ready for school. back to you guys. >> smoothie good choice but that bacon smells good, katherine, really does. thanks so much. fathers promise to be out walking their kids to school this morning. it is a part of a nationwide initiative called the million father march. the participants want to show the importance of dads being involved with children and their schools as the new academic year begins. a web site is a great resource for parents. go to school for everything from study tips to healthy breakfast suggestions to advice on getting children back into their routines. >> this is new on "action news." police are looking for the brazen bandits that damaged and discarded an atm. the action cam was at the scene near a feltonville playground. an "action news" viewer alerted us last night to the damaged automated teller machine along the 4900 block of bingham street. no word yet how long the
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machine has been there or if it even contained any money. if you know anything about this, police want to hear from you. >> ♪ >> we are about 18 days away from pope francis' historic visit to philadelphia. today is your chance to make sure you'll be able to see the pope in person. the world meeting of families will offer 10,000 tickets to the general public to see pope francis' speech at independence hall on saturday september 26th. the free tickets will be released at noon on the world meeting of families web site. they are first come first serve with a limit of four tickets per person. then tomorrow organizers will release tickets to the events on the ben franklin parkway including the mass and the festival of families. the majority of the red ticketed area that you'll see here is being reserved for parishioners from the local diocese around here, social service workers and attendees to the world meeting of families. wall street is back in business in about three hours with the first trading since late last week. maribel aber preparing us for
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more possible volatility in those 401k balances. live at the nasdaq in times squaring hey maribel. >> reporter: good morning matt. stocks closed out the week way sharp selloff as investors focused on whether the federal reserve will raise interrates when it meets next week. that's the question. right now futures are pointing though to a higher open. we've got the latest figures on consumer credit due out later today. online scalpers are trying to sell train tickets to see the pope for $40 or four times face value but there are still plenty of tickets available for $10. according to a spokesperson for septa only about half of the available 200,000 tickets have been claimed since the scalping. you can visit septa's web site where you can pay $10 a ticket. dateers out there it's 2015. so who is paying for the first date? more than 75 percent of men say they feel guilty about accepting a woman's money on a first date. this is according to research from california state university in los angeles. and surveys show the vast majority of men and women are
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not splitting the bill on a first date. so, matt, erin, is it a insult to pay or not to pay. >> i can speak from experience but not recently because i've been married for awhile. >> i think they should still pay. >> i think i paid my first date. lunch. >> i did, too. >> i went real cheap. >> at mcdonald's. >> i took her to a movie and beg youmove burgerking. the next two years we went back to the same burger king. >> window into david's life. >> there you go. it is exciting. as we take a look outside we have sky6, sun coming over the horizon. nice and detroit this morning. there you see sky6 at the shore in atlantic city looking north along the coast and as we take a look at temperature it is warm to start out. 73 degrees in philadelphia, 65 in allentown. down in ac at the airport, 70, 73 on the boardwalk in cape may. and upper 60's in both trenton and wilmington this morning. feeling a bit muggy especially as you start walking around
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and exerting yourself. not a lot of cloud cover out there, so it's shades time on the pennsylvania turnpike, the new jersey turnpike, i-95 and all of our other highways and by ways. in allentown hot today, mostly sunny humid, too, and a high of 93 so a little worse than yesterday. down the shore not a bad day if you're extending the holiday weekends. 84 degrees on the beach. upper 70's in the water. and a low chance of rip currents although i will remind you that in most neighborhoods we likely do not have lifeguards on the beach anymore so be real careful swimming. lots of sun though an pretty nice day on the beach. in philadelphia hot and humid. 94 degrees is your high. that's just 2 degrees off the record for this date of 96. mostly sunny out there, a bit hot and sticky. winds out of the southwest seven to 14. here's how the numbers are going to climb. if you have exercising or something to do in the morning get it done then. by 8:00 still just 73 and okay. by 11:00, 84, not bad although humid. and then we're in the 90's in the afternoon. 2 o'clock 92. 5 o'clock 92. a high of 94 at around 3:30 or
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4 o'clock. for the phillies tonight muggy. cool drinks. 84 degrees for the first pitch, 77 in the ninth inning. tomorrow we've got a frontal boundary coming at us from the west. ahead of it we'll get up to about 90 or so for a high. it will be even more humid with a flow right along the face that of front and by evening in the northern and western suburbs there could be a rumble of thunder around. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, 94, hot and humid today, lots of toasty sun. sizzling sun really. and then tomorrow, hot and sticky, 90 degrees and in the evening in particular out north and west of philadelphia a thunderstorm or shower is possible. thursday is the day where we think most of us are going to get some much needed rain. the front comes through. we'll get drenching downpours at times there that could actually create runoff that puts poor drainage flooding areas onto some of the roads. 85 is the high. could be a gusty thunderstorm mixed in there, too, but the main story here is that we need the rain and it looks like we're going to get one or 2-inches on thursday in most neighborhoods. then we've got clouds on friday giving way to sun,
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humidity gradually dropping during the day so it's a day of transition. and improvement. and saturday partly sunny and 83. nice day there. later in the nighttime period there could be a shower or thunderstorm. and on sunday we're allowing for a little of that, too, mainly in the morning. let's see. union and phillies on saturday. phillies sunday. rosh hashanah arrives. a lot of stuff this weekend ann little unsettled. >> thanks, david. >> up next the close call for a four-year-old and his four legged friend. he tries to seay his dog in a well and gets trapped. >> the jailed kentucky clerk who gained national attention is getting backed by a presidential candidate. karen. >> we're nice and clear right now on the 30 bypass westbound traffic past whe whitford road. we'll check on an accident involving an i don't have turned dump truck. all that when "action news" comes right back. flonase allergy relief nasal spray
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. 6:15 now. you're taking a live look at the ben franklin bridge as sun comes up there and the school buses are probably already out for philadelphia schools. first day back along with many other districts and it's going to be a hot one. high of 94 today. >> okay. let's take a look at the roads, karen. what you got? >> you know, what we're
6:16 am
looking pretty good for the most parter. we'll see extra volume coming back on the roads so you need to be careful of that. we'll see kids on the road, we'll see school buses so slow it down. this is route 100 at commerce drive where traffic is moving nicely at this point. fortunately no weather related problems other than the heat that we're going to have later. you're looking okay with dry roads right now. we do have a new problem coming in to us and look for it happening right now. a disabled truck in limerick blocking a lane on linfield trap road at north louis road. we also have a problem with an overturned dump truck on i-78 westbound near 535, exit 24 so look for this. an overturned dump truck and we have stuff on the roadways blocking the left lane so if you're up there on i-78 westbound, that's an issue for you right now. looking outside live here is i-95 and yeah we'll see that slow down. you know the summer we've had the summer time traffic. it was pretty nice. we're after labor day now. things will be going downhill for us. this is your southbound traffic as you head towards center city and you could see you're already slow but a 19 minute ride isn't too bad yet
6:17 am
from woodhaven to the vine on i-95 southbound. don't forget you could get all the latest traffic on twitter with the hashtag 6abc traffic and 6abc traffic again, what do you know. i want to show you though the temperatures. it's 73 degrees right now in philadelphia. 64 in millville. 65 in allentown. it may be september but we are heating up. 94 chasing the record of 96, mostly sunny. it will be hot and rather humid. matt and erin. >> thanks, karen. new on "action news," a four-year-old boy and his dog are safe this morning after being pulled from a well in mississippi. rescuers in brookhaven believe his dog fell in the dry well a week ago and the boy tried to go in there and get it back. they were finally able to pull both the boy and the dog back to safe ground after a few hours. >> and happening today, the defiant kentucky clerk who is behind bars is stoat receive a high profile visitor. republican presidential candidate mike huckabee plans to visit kim davi davis and hola rally to support her. her lawyers filed a motion.
6:18 am
it argues davis should not be compelled to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples. davis has been in jail since thursday. >> 6:18 new this morning a small token of appreciation towards a police officer gets a big response from the public. david. >> we've got a hot and humid day on tap so dress the the kids in shorts and t's on the way out the door. and they'll definitely want to stay that way on the way home. we'll have your day planner forecast and let you know where numbers are going today coming up. >> and tennis' great sibling rivalry takes to the court today. but first here's tech bites. >> in today's tech bites how does a $50 tablet from amazon sound to you? the wall street journal says it would be half the price of the cheapest amazon fire tablet. >> the device would have a 6-inch screen but not stereo sound and go on sale just in time for the holidays. >> of course. well, the back to school frenzy is in full swing. >> these days apps can help families keep tab on the transition. cozy helps families keep on top of their schedules so no one misses any important recitals or practices.
6:19 am
>> and my homework is a digital organizer that helps students stay on task with assignments. >> and how about an app to combat motion sickness. >> what. >> yeah, it was tested on volunteers using a chair straight out of a carnival ride. >> it sends a small jolt of electricity to the scalp through headphone jack but the treatment is still 10 years away. >> whatever works. >> if it works. those are your tech bites. you forgot the milk! that's lactaid®. right. 100% real milk, just without the lactose.
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so, no discomfort? exactly. try some... mmm, it is real milk. lactaid®. 100% real milk. no discomfort.
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>> welcome back. time to get going. get ready for school. >> yes. >> why don't you have a seat, david. >> sit down and listen to me. i'm going to look outside right now. the first time i had his attention in 20 years. the schuylkill expressway at the blue route and you know what you're looking pretty good at this moment here on the schuylkill expressway. we're seeing more volume on the roads, though. school buses, kids on the roads so be careful about that as you're headed out. so far all the regional rails looking on time as you head out the door this morning, dave. >> all right, karen, on the big board this morning, we have numbers that are not too pretty this afternoon.
6:22 am
we're in the 60's and 70's right now. by 9:00, 77. you'll want to get some exercising done early do it then. at the el station and the bus stop by noon we're already up close to 90. then 93 by 3 o'clock and a high today of 94 degrees. we'll probably hit that about 3:30 or 4 o'clock. it will be sunny but hot and humid as we go through the day. wide view across the country, a little bit of shower activity down around florida but the big area of concern would be this cluster of precipitation in the northern central states push something thunderstorms into areas around minneapolis, milwaukee, chicago, maybe saint louis later on today. as we take a look at the airport right now though we're expecting all green aircraft through the morning rush hour with no precipitation reported in any of our most commonly traveled destinations. so clear sailing, erin and matt. >> sounds good. thanks, david. in health check high school students have found another use for e-cigarettes. they're using it with marijuana. it's called vaping. researchers atial university and overland college surveyed roughly 4,000 high schoolers
6:23 am
in connecticut. 6 percent admitted to using e-cig to smoke pot. the hash oils and waxes used in e-cigarettes can be much more potent than other forms of the drug. >> an epicurism rewill play on the out tennis court involving serena and venus williams. a win by serena would bring her one step closer to becoming the first player since 1988 to win a calendar grand slam winning all four major tournaments in one year. venus is chasing her first major title in seven years. this is the 27th time the siblings have faced off against each other. serena has beaten venous 15 times. time now is 6:23. a college football player is getting a lot of attention for a unique piece of equipment. >> and "action news" is helping two students from a philadelphia neighborhood wake up for school. katherine. >> reporter: hi, matt. we're here with the weeks family as they get ready to head out the door for the first day of school. we're live in east falls where
6:24 am
breakfast is being served coming up at 6:30.
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we thought we'd be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. you can't predict it, but you can be ready. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at >> a virginia tech football player was spotted on the field last night wearing a gold rolex watch. running back jc coleman had it on his wrist while facing ohio state. coleman has worn a watch in the past saying it reminds him it's my time. last night it was the buckeyes time. they beat the hokies 42-24. >> new this morning, iny and a good way to start your day a colorado woman is getting a lot of likes on facebook after
6:27 am
a nice gesture at a police station. the woman came into the station to give an officer a hug. you can see it there. officer chris steiner a 20 year veteran of the department was the lucky recipient. the woman was apparently very upset about the recent violence against police. >> 6:27 now. philadelphia schools are opening today but the thermometer still makes it seem like mid sumager. your bus stop forecast is next. >> later the happy ending for a couple who endured the unthinkable. they brought home a newborn boy only to find out he wasn't theirs. >> ♪
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>> now on "action news," accuweather is cooking up a back to school scorcher that could add up to heat wave number six. >> developing overnight policemen on patrol alert sleeping residents their house is on fire.
6:30 am
>> new this morning, the reunion two parents feared would never happen. their baby was switched and sold at birth. good morning everyone, 6:30 on this tuesday. tam is off, erin o'hearn joins us. let's get right to david and karen for weather and traffic. >> off to a dry start with hardly a cloud in sight. lots of sun getting ready to come up over the horizon. with a shot of satellite you can see clouds off of new york state. that's a frontal boundary that's not going to be an issue for us today at all. almost wish it was. you can see that flow coming from the south bringing in higher heat and humidity today. right now we're at just 73 in philadelphia, not feeling too bad. 65 in allentown. 68 in wilmington. 70 in dover. and the dewpoints do tell the humid story. we are well above the 60-degree threshold for humidity from philadelphia and trenton and wilmington south, couple of 70's on the board in dover and cape may so especially humid there. allentown just on the cusp of the higher humidity but you'll be seeing that number go up there as well. 73 degrees currently on your storm tracker6 app. by 8 o'clock, probably about
6:31 am
the same. but by noon, 89 and by 3 o'clock, 93 with a high of 94 today around 3:30 or 4 o'clock. hot and humid conditions building. get those schoolbooks together kids and get on the bus. when we come back we'll talk about much needed rain ahead in the accuweather 7-day forecast. karen rogers for now what are we looking at on roadways. >> back to work, back to school, back to traffic jams. your summer time volume is over. looking live here at 422. that's your eastbound traffic here at trooper and you can see we've got an 11 minute ride. already a five minute delay at this point from oaks to 202 as you're traveling eastbound on 422 and certainly we expect that delay to grow. a good shot of road conditions. we're at least clear and dry but be careful as you'll see the students and the school buses on the roads. i just got off the phone with police in camden county they tell me they're responding right now to a car fire. this is just happening right now on the base of the walt whitman bridge but it's westbound traffic as you head towards the city here. although it's on the new jersey side, it's mostly off to the shoulder but a car fire
6:32 am
happening. they're sending crews to the scene right now so watch for that if they have to restrict traffic further that will be a problem as you're trying to come into the city on the walt whitman bridge. maybe use the ben franklin bridge at this point. not seeing any problems on the ben this morning. i also talked to police in montgomery county about this accident mill creek road at gypsy lane. they said a car went down an embankment. they had to do a rescue to get the person out of the vehicle. a terrible situation and they've shut down the roadway in this area in montgomery county so we have gypsy lane that's grays lane is closed at laurel lane and we also have mill creek closed at old gulph road and you can take cherry tree gypsy to get around the problems right there. the area centered near mill creek road and grays lane, we've got closures on both sides of that with crews there on the scene. on the big picture we're starting to see the slowdown on the schuylkill westbound, 22 miles an hour from the boulevard to belmont. 29 miles an hour on the schuylkill as you head right near the vine so a slow go out there this morning, matt and erin. >> thank you, karen. chopper six is live and over new jersey giving us our
6:33 am
first daylight view of the raging forest fires in woodland township, burlington county and boy, oh, boy, there is a lot of smoke coming from these forest fires right now. we have just learned that this has topped 1,000 acres. firefighters say they were expecting the fire to grow rapidly because the forest floor is so dry from a lack of rain. now, no homes or structures are in danger but officials are warning residents in surrounding communities that they may not only just see the smoke but they will smell the smoke in their homes as well. you might want to close the windows. it is unclear what sparked this wildfire. developing overnight, two philadelphia police officers were in the right place at the right assume when a house caught fire along their patrol route, they stopped to wake up the residents. it happened on the 2300 block of east norris street in kensington just before 3 a.m. two additional homes have smoke damage. nine people are displaced. the red cross is offering to help but thanks to those police officers, there are no reports of injuries.
6:34 am
also developing, homicides detectives are investigating whether drugs played a role in a deadly shooting in west oak lane. detectives found a 41-year-old man shot several times outside of a running car. he died at the scene. one bullet pierced the car's window. police recovered a pound of marijuana from the vehicle. no arrests have been made. >> investigators are looking into whether speed was a factor in the crash involving a taxicab that killed two pedestrians in center city. police identified the two victims as 25-year-old amanda digirolamo from phoenixville and 25-year-old bryan botti from baltimore maryland. the cab struck and skilled them yesterday morning at broad and arch streets near philadelphia city hall. both were in town for the made in america festival. >> the witness approximated their speed at being over the speed limit. that's all i can give you at this point. that has not been confirmed. >> police have not released
6:35 am
the cab driver's name. he was in a rosemont taxi. >> if you want to see pope francis at independence mall, tickets will be available online at noon today. head to for information on thousand get them. pope francis plans to announce today a new stream lined process for annulling marriages in the church. many catholics have complained the current system is cumbersome costly and often unfair. a group of canon lawyers spent a year studying ways for the vatican to simplify the process the pope wants the annulments to be made free. >> it's back to reality for students in philadelphia about to start their first day of class. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live in east falls where one family is getting back to the routine with a little help of some omelets and bacon. >> reporter: that's right. yes, breakfast has been eaten though badia is still enjoying her smoothie t school bags have been organized. now we're getting ready to get out the door. now, they're going to carver.
6:36 am
badia is a currents student. zion is going into the new seventh and eighth grade. as a student there when they extended the opportunity to the seventh and eighth grade why was that a good idea do you think to give more students these opportunities? >> i think it was a good idea 'cause i know when i transitioned into high school, it was a big struggle my freshman year so i think in them already being in the school and adjusted to how it goes, it will be an easier transition from that middle school to high school stage. >> reporter: the first day of school can be tough for a lot of reasons. one of the reasons is rolling out of bed in the morning but zion who is a nationally ranked swimmer you said this isn't really that big of a deal for you getting up. >> yeah. when i wake up it's not really that big of a deal 'cause i wake up at 5:00 normally. like every other day. so, it's not much to worry about 'cause i really get used to waking up even if i go to sleep really late. >> reporter: and you said that you were looking forward to hitting the ground running really when you start school. what do you want to do? were
6:37 am
do you want to learn at carver. >> i want to learn a lot about computer science which i know they're doing this year and i want to learn a lot about astronomy. >> reporter: okay. so i just need to show you this. this is a mirror that's in the kitchen. it says carpe diem, seize day. i am told that mom, verna is a big fan of writing the quotes. tell me about some of the "you have around the house here. >> i have that one down here because i would like for my kids to seize the day but most of them are biblical versus of some sort, just inspirational, just trying to keep them encouraged, you know, in a society where everything seems to be kind of crazy, just want to keep my kids encouraged and focused on the right things of what's supposed to go on. >> reporter: first day of school, carpe diem everybody. back to you in the studio. >> katherine scott, doing it again. >> yes. >> getting people ready. thank you katherine. >> cool kids. >> great family. >> they really are. storm tracker6 live double scan right now we have no precipitation out there. as we take a look outside we've got plenty of sunshine
6:38 am
coming you have over the horizon. a bright day. notice i didn't say nice and bright 'cause it is going to be kind of hot and humid later on but hey, one of the last times we have to deal with that this year. 73 degrees currently is your temperature. your dewpoint up there at 68. now, that's pretty high number for dewpoints so it does feel humid, especially as you start walking around and it will feel a little bit more obvious once the sun is on your shoulder. winds out of the southwest at 6 miles per hour as we take a look at satellite we have a lack of real significant cloud cover anywhere around the immediate region. the closest frontal boundary out to the north and west of us and not an issue for us today. we'll go for a high of 94 this afternoon. that is in record territory. the old record set way back in 1939, the year gone with the wind came out i think so it's been awhile around here. and then tomorrow's forecast 90, a little farther below the record but also in record territory. and these are old records we're talking about. today's high 94. here's how we're going get there. by 8 o'clock, 73. by 11 o'clock, 84. this is not bad right in here to get some really exercising
6:39 am
done. by 2 o'clock we're at 92 and that high of 94 probably kicks in rather late around 3:30 or 4:00 today. high temperatures up in allentown and readings are pretty toasty, up into the low to mid 90's there. 92 in trenton, 93 wilmington, 88 in millville and down the shore the mid 80's. if you are swimming on the beach this week, yes, warm in the ocean but remember a lot of the lifeguards have retired for the summer so be real careful going into the water where there isn't anybody watching you. 84 on the beach in atlantic city. 84 in rehoboth beach this afternoon. for the phillies tonight it's going to be more humid than last night so cool drinks are a good idea. 84 for the first pitch. 77 for the ninth inning. see if the phils can tackle the braves. tomorrow's high is 90 as more clouds will increase ahead of a front and the flow is also going to increase the humidity. so, it's going to be even more moist and more humid tomorrow and by the evening there could even be a thunderstorm especially in the northern and western suburbs and then this front comes in and crosses the region on thursday and gives us all a chance at some much needed rain. your exclusive accuweather
6:40 am
7-day, hot, more humid today, a high of 94. blazing sunshine. and then tomorrow hot and sticky with clouds and sun, 90 is the high and a late day or more likely evening thunderstorm possible out north and west of philadelphia. on thursday, we all have a chance of at least some drenching downpours or periods of shower activity. there may also and some drenching thunderstorms mixed in so remember about the lightning. you still got to get inside if you get a thunderstorm headed your way but a high of 85, humid and much needed rain on the way. could be one to 2 inches in some spots and while some of it will run off right into the creeks and streams and maybe some roadways, some of it should get down into the ground and hopefully help out your lawns for a little bit. clouds giving way to son on friday with a high of 83. saturday looks pretty good, 82 and there could be a little bit of additional shower around sunday morning. >> no more heat waves. >> no, doesn't look like it. >> that's it. >> all right. thanks, david. >> thanks, david. >> 6:40 now. the middle east migrant crisis
6:41 am
continues. some european countries say they are close to capacity while the pressure is on the u.s. to make more room for more refugees. >> a couple is clutching their baby boy very close this morning. a horrific crime kept them apart for months. karen. >> we're about five minutes into the sunrise, already a jam here on the 30 bypass at three he 22 eastbound and when that sun is even brighter you're going see that slow down even more. we'll take you to a live look at i-95, check a jam there and talk about a car fire on the walt whitman bridge, all that coming up. >> a major retailer has some explaining to do when a venomous spieder sneaks into a package of produce. that's later on "action news."
6:42 am
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6:44 am
>> ♪ >> 6:44 is the time. it is tuesday, the day after labor day and the day that philadelphia schools reopen. i can imagine a lot of kids out there waiting at school bus stops or heading out to their schools on foot right now. >> yeah, and if you take a look, it looks like a lots people are out on the roads. summer is done. >> yes, the summertime light volume, that is history. it's back to work, back to school and look at the jam we have. i-95 southbound looks like a mess here. jammed academy to girard as you try to head towards center city. and already at this point a 26 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine so i-95 southbound you can see that jam-up really going cause a slow go this morning. we've got a problem here, crews are responding to the scene on the walt whitman bridge. it's westbound we've got a car fire on the new jersey side. i talked to police here in camden county. they say it's just at the base of the bridge right now. that car fire at this point is off to the side but they say crews were just coming through right now so they may have to
6:45 am
restrict traffic and if they do, you're going to have to go onto the ben franklin bridge instead and it's not the only problem in new jersey. we also have on 130 southbound before route 90 a water main break. that one is out there blocking a lane as well. the crews are still on the scene in pennsauken. and i want to show you the traffic on 42. it is a mess right now on 42. can you see how traffic is so jammed from the a.c. expressway to the walt whitman bridge. a 33 minute ride on 42 northbound. normally we're used to seeing 12, 15 minutes. it's going to take you twice as long to get to work. you've got people coming back from the shore this morning. if they were trying to milk everything they could after that nice holiday weekend and then you've got the jam-up because of the car fire at the base of the walt whitman bridge in new jersey so it's just a mess. the traffic spilling out onto 42 and you can see that traffic. i mean, they're not getting to school on time this morning. or work. we'll have to see about that one. and don't forget you can check all the traffic with the #6abc traffic on twitter. one little note i've noted with visibilities just in beach haven we're seeing
6:46 am
1.5-mile visibility, it's the only area that's really a problem but just something to watch if you're coming back from the shore you have some fog to contend with there. matt and erin. >> will do. thanks karen. britain and france are the latest countries pledging to take in tens of thousands of syrian refugees. the humanitarian crisis is putting pressure on the obama administration. in the past four years the u.s. has only taken in 1500 refugees from syria. >> new this morning, the couple who claimed their newborn baby was swapped at birth and sold to traffickers has been reunited with their son. the couple who now live in texas delivered the baby in the mother's home country of el salvador in may. the mother says she initially became suspicious when she gnomesd the features of her newborn differed from the baby she was handled just a day later. the couple decide to have dna test done three months later which revealed their son jacob
6:47 am
was not their biological son. >> this is a life long injury that's very, very deep and it's horrible. >> the parents said they love both babies and hope they can keep the two infants but officials are working to reunite both families with their babies. authorities have launched a criminal investigation into the doctor. >> 6:47. a live preview of "good morning america" is next, plus a shopper has sour grapes with a major grocer. she found something crawling in her fruit. david. >> all right, guys, we are looking at dressing the kids in shorts and t's today because it's hot and humid. first we got there forest fire down in south jersey. we'll check out winds and let you know which way that smoke is blowing coming up next.
6:48 am
6:49 am
6:50 am
>> time now for a preview of "good morning america." >> amy robach getting things going for us with a live preview from the "gma" studios. good morning, amy. >> reporter: hey, good morning, matt and erin, great to be with you both. coming up next here on "good morning america" some breaking news out of the vatican this morning. pope francis making it easier for the more than 1 billion catholics around the world to annul their marriage. we'll have the latest details ahead. and then the race for the white house is heating up. vice president joe biden hustling at a holiday parade in pittsburgh. is he going to run? meanwhile hillary clinton trying to reboot while bernie sanders surges ahead. we're live at the white house with all of those details. plus "gma" on the money. how you can cut back costs on prescription drugs.
6:51 am
spending has skyrocketed to more than $350 billion a year. we're going to tell you what you need to know to save a lot of money. "gma" investigates teeth whitening. there are so many ways to make your tooth look their best but which way works best? we found out. we're going to tell you coming up next on "good morning america." matt and erin. >> all right amy. thanks. see you in about eight minutes and 45 seconds. >> count it down to the second. matt o'donnell. hey, you're counting down the seconds with your commute and they're crawling along. this is the schuylkill expressway right now westbound traffic at city avenue. yeah, your summer break is over and we've got a slow ride as you can see westbound traffic really jamming right there as we scan across our area cameras. you can really see that we've got more kids on the bus, more school buses, a slower go. mill creek road at grays lane we still have that serious accident causing closures on mill creek and grays lane. they had to do a rescue when a car went down an embankment into a water way. regional rails all looking on time as you head out the door early on a tuesday morning,
6:52 am
it's after labor day, dave. >> yes, it is karen. on the big board looking at winds that are not real strong but notice they are coming up pretty much parallel to the coast and we have a forest fire down to the south that we have been talking about. storm tracker6 live double scan technology, some versions of this can pick up smoke and i'm picking up just a little bit right there in southern ocean and burlington county which is right around the area of the fire. so, areas that might be picking up some smoke would be up toward barnegat, maybe into warren grove and down in the areas of tuckerton and up and down the garden state parkway in south jersey in burlington and ocean county. welcome back to school, kids and welcome back to the heat and humidity. it's one of those days, 72 degrees by 7:00, 88 by noon. and 4 o'clock's temperature is 93 degrees coming down from a high of 94. steamy today. shorts and t's on the kids, erin and matt. >> thank you david. a woman in michigan says she opened up a bag of grapes an black widow came crawling out. the woman says she bought the grapes at a wal-mart in troy. a store spokesman says they
6:53 am
are taking the matter very seriously and are investigating the claims. the woman's brother and boyfriend were able to kill the spider and no one was bitten. >> on the people scene, an action star came to the rescue of two small dogs in his backyard pool. dwayne johnson posted this photo to instagram yesterday. app warrantly one of the star's newly adopted puppies hadn't mastered the doggie paddle. the rock dove into the water fully clothed to save his four legged friend. >> ♪ for life... (husband) hon! it's grover cleveland! (female announcer) ...when you play the new cash4life, from the pennsylvania lottery. (husband) let me get this. (female announcer) that means you too could experience the joy of winning. (wife) look who went shopping! (female announcer) every day... (grover) your chariot awaits! (announcer) ... for the rest of your life. (wife) jump on! (grover) nothing like a new mower.
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(wife) what? (grover) see you tomorrow! (female announcer) cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. play for fun. cash for life.
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>> top stories here at 6:56 and from chopper six live, you can see the raging forest fires in woodland township burlington county this morning. the blaze has topped 1,000 acres but no homes or structures are in danger. tickets will be made available today to see pope francis' speech at independence hall on september 26th. the free tickets will be released at noon on the world meeting of families web site. they are first come first serve. >> and it is a mess on the roads. we've got more people coming back from a long weekends. you're on route 42 its a horrific 46 minute ride. >> wow. >> from the a.c. expressway to the walt whitman bridge and that's also because of a car fire on the base of the walt whitman bridge on the new jersey side just jamming you up, dave. >> all right. on the big board, well, and on the way to school we're looking at 73 degrees right now, probably about the same
6:57 am
by 8 o'clock. 89 by noon. it's going to be the ho and humid today, 93 by 3 o'clock and 94 is your high. be sure to pay attention to matt o'donnell's philosophy, textbook expert. there's a lot of good stuff. >> a lot of ideas. >> it's a grea -- have a great y at school everybody. >> bye. good luck. blinds to go's
6:58 am
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good morning e. america. it's a september scorcher. oppressive heat hitting both coasts. record temperatures, blanketing the east. triple digits in the west. the sizzling temperatures forcing schools to close and beaches to stay open. new this morning, tipping his hand. did joe biden drop the biggest hint yet that he may enter the race for president? >> you lose all their votes. i don't want to lose your -- i don't want to lose your friendship. >> he says his wife will decide about that run for the white house as hillary clinton stumbles in the polls. blindsided. the high school football players who ran over a ref viciously slamming him to the ground, overnight nfl officials condemn the hit and police investigating. was it a crime. trapped, emergency crews race to save a 4-year-old boy and his dog underground for


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